Bright Yellow Vaginal Discharge

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Everything you need to know about Bright Yellow Vaginal Discharge

Although vaginal discharge is quite normal a yellow vaginal discharge needs to be checked out.

 Vaginal discharge is the bodies own way of keeping the vagina nice and clean by secreting unwanted fluids. The color, amount and the consistency of this discharge can vary according to the menstrual cycle and the ovulation in the woman.

 It depends on the levels of estrogen circulating in the body. The changes in the discharge help sperm to live longer and aid them in travelling through the body to fertilize the egg. Normally the vaginal discharge is whitish or clear and is either watery or a little thicker.

The number one cause of a yellow vaginal discharge is an infection so get checked out. What happens inside the vagina is a change in the pH levels due to bacterial imbalance. Anything that effects the pH balance can have an effect such as douching, scented soaps or sexual activity.

A presence of a certain medical condition could be the cause of yellow vaginal discharge. Some of these diseases include Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, pelvic Inflammatory disease, vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis ans any number of other sexually transmitted dieseases.

It can be quite normal that the yellow discharge comes with it a nasty fishy or musty smelling odor. The yellow discharge could be vulvar vestibulltis. One needs to know the cause of the discharge in order to treat the condition.

You should go to your doctor to help determine what the causes is so you can get straight in to the treatment. The doctor will normally prescribe antibiotics for any infection. These can be taken orally or directly applied creams and lotions. And once the doctor has checked you over you can eliminate any serious condition or get treatment as necessary.

Get in to a good habit of personnal hygeine clean the vagina well but do not over clean. Do not douche as this has an adverse effect. By douching you can actually remove all the good bacteria from the vagina that is protecting it. Do not practice unsafe sexual intercourse and always use condoms to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

So not use heavily scented or perfume products around the vagina. Wear light cotton panties and do not wear nylon or tight fitting underwear. Stay away from processed foods refined sugars. Try to eat as much fresh fruit and veg as possible. Drink plenty of water to flush the toxins away from your body and to avoid the condition of yellow vaginal discharge.

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